MP Picture2Hey there,

My name is Magedie Pretorius. I’m also known as ‘The Chocolate Dude’ due to my interest in dark healthy chocolate and the fact that I have chocolate coloured skin :-).

‘The Chocolate Dude’ was born at a networking event in London in the summer of 2013, where I met a few very interesting people. One lady was a rock chic AND a raw food chef, which seem to me a very unusual and unique combination. I was challenged to come up with a name for myself that would be both different and catchy; one that would set me apart from others…’The Chocolate Dude’ – in more ways than one! was born. A couple of people who was instrumental in helping me come up with my ‘blog and business’ name needs a mention. Thanks to Barbara, the Raw Food Rock Chic and Sophie, the Style Sister for encouraging me to choose this name.

I am a Civil Engineer by profession with over 20 years experience in Highways related projects, and have recently become a Founding Executive for 360 Chocolates in Europe, hence the name :-).

In the past few months I have expanded my knowledge on Network Marketing and I am grateful to Mike Dillard, who has been instrumental in my education so far. Mike has encouraged me to never stop educating myself and most importantly, to take action on what I have learned.

When I’m not working or educating myself, I love to spend time with my lovely wife, Petra and our beautiful daughter, Zara, the joy of our lives. Whenever possible, we travel all over the world and enjoy the amazing sights this wonderful planet of ours has to offer.

Away from the family I enjoy playing sport, specifically football, cricket and tennis. Although I’m very competitive, I believe that giving one’s all is the most important ingredient to the enjoyment of sport. This goes for all things in life, too.

Through my blog I hope that I can provide information about health and wellness, coupled with sharing some of the knowledge that I have acquired through studying the network marketing business model. I hope that through reading my blog I will be able to help you to learn something new and to start a journey, if you’re not already on it, to live a more balanced and healthy life.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Peace be with you, always.